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Rebuilt Merchant Navy

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For those who have not seen our Rebuilt Merchant Navy locomotives running.

Click on the youtube link below.


STOCK UPDATE 25-08-2015


We have in stock the following

3  2 x  Factory built & named "Channel Packet" Available

5 4 3 x Factory built Unnamed & Unnumbered,  1 Reserved 2 Available

We can name your locomotive from the selection as below. 



Being the first of the SR Merchant Navy Locomotives.

Built in February 1941 Then rebuilt August 1959

Channel Packet was the marine division of Southern Railways. Also the only locomotive to carry S.R. within its nameplate.

Our models are available factory built, named, painted & decorated as well as factory built unnamed, painted & decorated.

All our locomotives comply with current boiler testing regulations and are supplied with boiler Certificates.

We can now offer locomotives decorated with your choice of name number and period.

The following locomotive names are available to order.

                               35003 ROYAL MAIL.                                    35004 CUNARD WHITE STAR

                               35005 CANADIAN PACIFIC.                        35006 PENINSULAR & ORIENTAL S.N.Co.       

                               35007 ABERDEEN COMMONWEALTH.      35008 ORIENT LINE.  

                               35009 SHAW SAVILL.                                   35010 BLUE STAR

                               35011 GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION      35012 UNITED STATES LINES.  

                               35013 BLUE FUNNEL.                                   35014 NEDERLAND LINE. 

                               35015 ROTTERDAM LLOYD.                        35016 ELDERS FYFFES.    

                               35017 BELGIAN MARINE.                             35018 BRITISH INDIA LINE.

                               35019 FRENCH LINE C.G.T.                          35020 BIBBY LINE.   

                               35021 NEW ZEALAND LINE.                         35022 HOLLAND AMERICA LINE.         

                               35023 HOLLAND AFRICA LINE.                  35024 EAST ASIATIC COMPANY     

                               35025 BROCKLEBANK LINE.                       35026 LAMPORT & HOLT LINE.   

                               35027 PORT LINE.                                         35028 CLAN LINE.

                               35029 ELLERMAN LINES.                             35030 ELDER-DEMPSTER LINES.


 Price £2950.00.

Our customers continue to tell us that

" 2 is better than 3 "  &  " Twos company, Threes a crowd"

They cannot be all wrong !!

Visit our Youtube channel for the latest  videos showing our RBMN locomotives running.



Scale 1/32 Gauge 1
Weight 6.9 Kilos
Length 700 mm
Width 87mm
Height 131mm
Wheel Arrangement 4-6-2 Pacific
Driving Wheels 59mm
Bogie & Pony Wheels 30mm
Chimney Miniature Dynamic Lemaitre with correct 5 Exhaust nozzles with Correct 5 Blower nozzles
Cylinder 2 Outside Cylinders
Valves Slip Eccentric Slide Valves
Boiler Capacity 280 ml
Boiler Fittings

Pressure & Water Gauges, Regulator & Blower. Blowdown valve, Superheater. Plus Correct 3 safety valves.

Lubricator Rosco Displacement Plus Boost Valve
Tender Water Tank 200ml
Tender Fuel Tank 190ml
Tender Fuel Methylated Spirit
Axle Pump Dimensions TBA
Tender Hand Pump Dimensions TBA
Minimum Radius 2.5 meters
Construction Brass, Copper & Stainless Steel.